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A Letter from Kui

Aloha my Fellow Florists,

Anyone interested in being a florist in Hawaii and taking over a very busy and successful flower shop? My name is kui and I own Kui & I Florist. My husband and I started this business in 1991 in a converted gas station. We then built a 2500 square foot shop with our home on the top of the shop (like a tried and true mom & pop style) in 1996. From one employee we have grown to ten employees prepandemic. We averaged anywhere from 400-500 deliveries every Valentines and Mother’s Day holiday. We do a very brisk business in every area…every day arrangements, funerals, weddings and events.

You may be wondering why I am selling the business when it is so successful. I find myself asking that very question as well. Truth be told, my priorities have changed. My daughter gave birth to my very first grandchild in September of this year. I have always been a florist, many times before being a wife, mother or daughter. I do not want to be a florist before being a “yaya” (grandma). All of you know how hard we work. And we love it…but there comes a time in all of our lives where seasons change. A season for new opportunity and exciting challenges, a season of being settled and knowing the routine, and a season to slow down. I think I am at the latter season in my life. I still want to work as a florist, however I don’t want to be in charge anymore. I want to be able to leave and see her on her birthday if I wanted to.

Let me tell you a little about the shop. 

  • We are one of four brick and mortar flower shops in the town of Hilo, HI. Our population is about 45,000, however the population on our island is growing rapidly. The shop is 2500 sq foot shop with an additional large covered patio. 
  • Our location is excellent, just on the border of downtown. We front a very busy street. Our neighbor directly in back of us is like a small Costco so there is a lot of traffic every day. Our neighbor to one side is in the process of converting a bowling alley to what will become a huge gym. On the other side of us is an accounting firm. 
  • Besides the 20x10 in-store cooler, we have three refrigerated containers which can easily hold 700 arrangements.  
  • We have two delivery vans that have about 60,000 miles on them. They are maintained very well and are in good running condition. 
  • We are currently using Visual Ticket as our POS system and Floral Systems as our Web hosts. 
  • I have excellent local and well as mainland vendors who have been with me for many years. We have found ways to cut costs as well as handle the freight challenges to Hawaii. 
  • I have an excellent and well trained staff 
  • I am stocked full of inventory ready for the busy holiday seasons ahead.  
  • I have a huge amount of glassware, elegant vases, arches, linens for wedding rentals. 
  • I have a 5 acre farm where I grow many of the foliage and some of the flowers that we use every day. 
  • I live above the shop which is most convenient.  
  • I do have plans drawn for a commercial kitchen should you want to pursue that avenue. My kids wanted to open like a boba tea place before it was popular…but they grew up and went off to college before we could get all the permits. I was too busy with the flower shop. 

Should you look at my website you will see that I am temporarily closed. I am continuing to do flowers and my wedding commitments. However, I could not open up as planned on 11/7/22 after returning from my daughter’s birth. My shop cooler needs R22 freont which is no longer available. The EPA stopped making it in 2020 with no replacement. I had ordered another unit in April of this year but right before I left I found out it was “lost”. I am in the process of trying to find another unit. I do have refrigeration but cannot have a retail shop without the showcase refrigerator. I do not want to close and open and have to close again. I’d rather stay closed and still do orders. I took it as a sign from God and my late husband to slowdown and have the time to be a grandma. Which brings me to this email. 

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at kui@kuiandiflorist.com or at 808-938-5872. I am interested in selling the business and leasing the shop. Please, only very serious inquires. I am willing to continue working, as I love this shop. 

Mahalo nui, Kui